Race #57 – Smile Run 5K

While on our cruise in April, we met a wonderful couple, MaryBeth and Mike, who were deeply involved in suicide prevention causes in the northeast.  After hearing their story, I knew I needed to run this race to benefit AFSP.  This one’s for y’all…

Hot day again, with temperatures about like they were yesterday, but without my nemesis, Mister Sun.  However, his evil compadre, Señor Humidity, made an incredible appearance.  I had great intentions of running more and faster than yesterday, and while I did both of those things, I only ended up with an “average” run.

However, it wasn’t all bad.  I met Becky and our new puppy, Roxy, at Starbucks for a little coffee, and some time to catch up with an old friend.  And lemme tell ya, if you sit outside a Starbucks with a puppy, you will be the center of attention!  Doubly so when it’s a big fuzzy Bernese Mountain Dog.  Roxy loved it, and so did we.

So another tough-ish race in the books, and more miles in this crazy year of running!

This race benefitted the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Race Course