Race #61 – Time Lord Charity Run 5K

I’d gotten wind of this race somewhere along the way, watching for interesting virtual races.  An outfit in Utah, Geek’d Out Running Club, put it on, and they seem to have a lot of these science fiction themed races, this one being Doctor Who themed..  In fact, this race also has a “in person” event this weekend in/near Salt Lake City.  I signed up for this, thinking that this weekend was a pretty quiet one for me.  However…

This morning, I kinda didn’t wanna get up.

Darla had an outpatient knee procedure yesterday, and I took both yesterday and today off to help her out.  I slept just a little bit late yesterday, and when sunrise came this morning, I tried hard to kick it to the curb.  However, I’m just a bug compared to the Sun, so it won, and I got up, pulled on my running duds, and went out.

It was hot yet again this morning in Da Lou.  This past Sunday, my race started at 48° in the sun.  This morning, it was 75°, cloudy, and ohhh so muggy.  Not great conditions for this running dude.

However, I drove up to the Greenway, and put my happy face on the morning.  And it really ended up being a pretty good trek.  I kept it slow, knowing that the heat can debilitate me pretty quickly if I’m not respectful of it.  And I put a carrot at the end of my stick…


I’d gotten a couple of offers from Starbucks, one for a free drink, and another for a free breakfast sammich.  Conveniently, my 5K course ends at their door, so that worked really well.  I picked up a bacon-egg-cheese croissant and a Frappucino, sat outside, and had a nice little reward for morning well-started!

This race benefitted the American Childhood Cancer Organization.

Race Course