Race #63 – Garden of Reflection 5K

Twenty.  It’s a great number.  The number of sides on a gamer’s die.  Almost the age to drink. A score of things.  And twenty degrees makes a miserable difference between my last run and this one.

The weather sites this morning indicated it’d be about 73 at 11am, and I vowed I would do this race at lunch.  I got myself ready, and jetted out of the house just past 11am… and realized that I’d been lied to.  It was well over 80°, with a nary a cloud in the sky.  Nonetheless, I kept on keepin’ on, and made my way to the Greenway.
I ran for a while, and then the heat caught up with me, and it became a pretty slow walking slog.  Still, finished is finished (I say that a lot!), and I was happy to put another virtual notch in my virtual race belt.  🙂
Race Course