Race #66 – Race Like a Pirate 5K

For the last day of September, I had one more virtual race up my sleeve, and one I shoulda done a week or so ago… Virtual Run Events‘ Race Like a Pirate 5k!

Weather in Da Lou has just made a move from “too hot” last week, to “just right”.  The temps were in the low 60s at lunch time yesterday, without a cloud in the sky… perfect weather for me!  I went up the Greenway, stretched, and set about to making the course mine.

For Saturday’s race,  I’d planned to go out, and own the course.  And I did, until my knee started bothering me.  Once I “walked it off”, I was able to get back to some speedy splits, and still finished with one of the best times I’d had all year… and that was on a flat course.  That inspired me, though, and I decided that I was gonna put everything I had into this run.

I started my run, and it was like someone else was making the moves.  Everything came sooooo easy, and pretty dang quickly, I found that I’d run the first kilometer, which brings me to a little plateau.  I walked the plateau a bit, and as the trail fell away on the other side of it, I ran down that side.

And that’s how it went for the whole distance.  Way more running than walking, and everything seemed to hold up.  And by the time I was at 5K, I was within 30 seconds of a PR (which was also set on this course).  A fantastic run on a pretty hilly course!

This weekend, the Mo’ Cowbell 5K takes place, and it’s a very, very flat course.  If yesterday’s run was any indication, I may have a PR opportunity come Sunday!

This race benefitted the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Race Course