Race #68 – Heart & Sole 5K

I’ve needed to get this virtual race done for a couple of days, but reveling in the glory of my conquest of the Cowbell on Sunday, I slacked.  So sue me.

I went out today to just walk and recover, and as it ends up, take a new path on the Greenway.  Over the summer, I’ve been largely doing my stuff on the south side of the Greenway.  Today, I took to the north side of it.

The nice thing about the northern leg is that there’s very little vehicle traffic that crosses it.  There’s only one big intersection, and one little one.  This is great, as it keeps me focused on the path ahead of me, and keeps me from having to look over my shoulder for cars.

The downside is that it’s hilly.  Much more so than the southern trail only a couple hundred feet away.  Nonetheless, I had a great walk, and explored parts of the trail that I’ve never been on before.  In fact, some of what I explored today will probably be a big part of some longer distances in the future.

Today’s race benefitted the American Heart Association.

Race Course