Race #79 – Honoring Those Who Served 5K

Yesterday, I ran yet another 5k virtual race.  As we approach Veteran’s Day, there’s been a bunch of veterans related virtual races, and I’ve glommed on to a few to run over the next couple of weeks.

Once again, I went into this run at lunch just planning to walk, with the occasional trot thrown in for good measure.  As it ends up, I started chugging along at that aforementioned good little trot, and in short order found myself way down the trail, and heading back to the Jeep.

It’s still astounding to me to see how far I’ve come this year.  I’ve really committed to running this year.  What used to be goals I only reached once a year, are now finishing times I achieve the vast majority of the time.  If you’d told me a year ago that I’d regularly take on the 5k distance, and complete it under 50 minutes, I would’ve thought “no way.”  Well there is a way, and I’ve apparently discovered that way.

I think it’s just heart and determination.  It doesn’t hurt that I’m enjoying the chase for the medals, and loving how running makes me feel.  Those things are just gravy.  🙂

This race benefitted the Bob Woodruff Foundation.

Race Course