Race #83 – Carpe Diem and Be Thankful 5K

I love it when things come together.

Tomorrow will be 47 months since I was declared NED (no evidence of disease) after surgery to remove a two-inch tumor and about a third of my colon.  Definitely something to be thankful for!

When I saw that the medal for this virtual race was coming today from Agent Outerwear, I knew this was the race to run today.  Carpe diem!

Today, the weather was so much different than yesterday.  The deluge — almost 4″ of rain — was gone, and made way for sunshine and very windy conditions.  Keeping a hat on my head was a real tough gig.  The wind was blowing across the trail, so every time I’d run next to a pasture or highspot, I got blown all over the place.

I’d intended to take it kinda slow today, using this as my last run before the fun times to come at Tulsa this weekend.  With that in mind, I started out a little slower on the Greenway than I did yesterday, chugging through the first part of the trail.  And once again, I found myself a third of the way through in what seemed like no time.

I switched back to Sport Beans today, and started munching on those at my turnaround point.  Ya know, I still haven’t decided if they really help or not, but I firmly believe that half of running lies between the hips and feet, and the other half is between the ears.  So, if I believe Sports Beans are helping, that’s nothing but good!

I ended up finishing strong, running most of the last half.  It’s amazing to look at how I run now compared to even earlier this year.  I’m so comfy taking on the 5K distance, and have no anxiety about getting through the course, even if it’s a course I don’t know — like Philly last weekend.  That confidence has probably been the biggest thing I’ve built this year, and something that is helping me, no matter what kind of run I’m on.

In preparation for the on-again-off-again rain/snow for Tulsa this weekend, I picked up some CEP calf compression sleeves — bright orange! — so I could still wear wicking socks if it rained.  I gave ’em a trial run today, and I love ’em.  I think I even like them better than the compression socks I usually use.  It’s nice to bump into something new that seems to help.

Oh, and an update on the new Hoka One One’s.  These things totally rock.  I’ve had much less knee pain, shin splints and fatigue in my legs when running since switching to the Hoka’s.  These things are just great, and are sooooo comfy!

So, I’m thankful to still be here almost four years after my diagnosis.  I’m thankful that I’m living in a country where I can run (among other things), and I’m ecstatic that I can seize the day, just about any day, and strive to make my little corner of the world a little better.

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