Race #96 – The (ma=) Force Awakens Run 5K

After my slow run on the Greenway yesterday at lunch, I figured I needed to redeem myself, and put some good miles on my shoes.

Today, the only way I was gonna get some miles in was to do them after work.  That puts me out there right at sunset, which is a time I really don’t like to run.

Tonight, I needed some miles though, so I hit the trail about 30 minutes before sunset.

I ran west, into the sunset, and frankly, it was beautiful.  And I was chugging right along at a great pace.  I have a traffic light that I hit on the course, and at this one was a particular jerk-driven Corvette who decided after the light turned red to not only stop beyond the stop line, but essentially but the wide backside of his sportswear across the pedestrian crosswalk.  I thought about doing a lap around his car, but it’s a quick light, so I only turned around and applauded his stopping prowess as I went past the back side of his Chevy.

However, that patent disregard for me on the trail put me in a pretty foul mood, and that translated into keeping a nice pace through the rest of the course.  And once I hit my turnaround, I was facing the moonrise.

Again, I was facing such a beautiful sky as I returned to my Jeep via the eastbound trail.  And once again, I had good speed through the second half of the course.

With the sun having set, the temperature started to drop, and the radiant heat I was enjoying from our glowing ball o’ goodness was gone.  It started getting cold, and conveniently, I was back at the Jeep.

It was nice to have a good run today, although once again, upon getting home, my left knee started getting funky.  I’m gonna have to ensure that I do good things for that knee, as I have a few more runs to get in this year!

This race benefitted Doctors Without Borders.

Race Course