Race #104 – Resolution Run 5K

5km VirtWinter.  Global warming.  Maybe some of both.  Today, it was  68°, and Sunday, it’ll struggle to get to  15°.  Welcome to winter in the Midwest!

I’d been jonesing to go for a run all week.  I had a good running weekend last weekend, and I knew I was in a good place with my stride.  However, life, the universe, and everything conspired to get in my way, making today my first opportunity to get out and chug along.

As soon as I logged off from work, I headed out the door… and quickly realized that my legs weren’t what they were over the weekend.  Ya see, when I don’t run for a few days, it gets hard for me to get my feet moving.  And I know it’s all in my head.  I forget how it feels to run effortlessly, how it feels to cruise up and down the hills, and it takes a few kilometers to remind me that running feels good.

After a few kilometers, things got easy, and I got into my groove.  Life was good… the sun was setting, the air was pretty neutral, and I watched the distance fall away.  It was, once again, a great running day.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll remember how that felt!

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