#112 – Cupids Arrow 5K

Da Lou got another small dose of snow today — the third in the last week.  And like the last two, it was beautiful.  A couple of inches of snow, 20° or so, WCI of 15°, and not a soul out on the sidewalks and trails in the neighborhood.

I love getting out in this kind of weather.  It’s tough to walk in, so it’s a good workout, but at a leisurely, safe pace.  And all the while, sleet fell, striking my face as I grooved to some 1970s disco.  (Yeah, a little guilty pleasure, but the beat is really good for stomping around in the snow!)

At Christmastime, the Pathetic Running Group had a Secret Santa event, in which my Secret Santa sent me some WinterTrax.  I’ve had a set of YakTrax for a while, but decided to give my gifted snow footies a shot today.  I’ve gotta say, they were much easier to get on my shoes, and seemed very capable in the snow and ice.  Two thumbs up!

It struck me while cavorting in the snow that in less than a week, I’ll be racing in Tampa — and at temps that are 40-50° warmer than what I churned through today.  Wednesday, I leave for Tampa, with plans to compete in the Gasparilla Lime Challenge 15k/8k combo.  I can’t wait to see how I do at those distances in the warmth of the Floridian west coast.

Today’s race benefitted the American Heart Association.

Race Course