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RMH II — Day Three : Legendary

Today saw the departure of the family from the condo after a nice breakfast. Unlike us, they have to return to school and work tomorrow.

For our “work” today, we decided to drive up to Grand Lake CO. I’d visited the little burb in June, but didn’t really wander around much. Today, Darla and I wandered around quite a bit, and even found a necklace to add to her jewelry box. Grand Lake seems to have a huge restaurant population, and we had to take advantage of it, eating lunch at Pancho and Lefty’s. This was a nice mexican restaurant, and served me some delicious fish tacos. Wonderful day out.

With a belly full of good food, we decided to hike up to Adams Falls. OK, it wasn’t all that much a hike, but it was enough of one that we knew we’d hiked a bit. The falls were nice, although the water level was down from what we were being told. When I was roaming around up there in June, any water that could come down a hill was doing just that, and with a vengeance. The water today was much weaker, but still picturesque, especially with the bluebird skies.

And I know this makes it sound like all we’ve done is eat, but tonight we visited a Chinese restaurant I lucked into finding back in June. Pearl Dragon II hadn’t changed a bit in my absence, either. Beck and I went in for dinner, and in a crazy stroke, the owner remembered me from June, even down to what I ordered and how many times I was there. Apparently, I must leave a legendary streak wherever I go. 🙂

RMH II — Day Two : Colby KS to Fraser CO

A five hour push is all that was left to drive today.

As part of the drive, we crossed the Colorado border, and stopped at the roadside sign for it on I-70. I bet I’ve passed that sign half a dozen times in the last few years, but I’d never stopped and shot it before. It was cold, cold, cold, with the temperature sitting around 55, and pretty high winds exacerbated by the gust front of passing big rigs. But, it was the first time I’ve been cold in months.

Have I mentioned how I love cold weather? 🙂

I was on the lookout for my first peek at the Rockies as we drove. I’d thought I could see them in far western Kansas, but it was just past Limon CO before I saw my mountains. Without the snow atop them, I suppose they just blended in, making it hard for me to spot them. But when I saw them, my heart skipped a beat, and I got excited about getting up into the mountains at the end of the drive.

And as we pulled off I-70, and started up the mountains, we crossed through Berthoud Pass and stopped for a while. When I was there in June, the snow was big and deep, and had folks skiing and snowboarding on it. This time, it was warm. Maybe even hot. Hmmm, he says, that wasn’t what I was expecting in the mountains in fall.

We drove on into Fraser, finding the condo looking just about the way I left it in June. This was Becky’s first look at it, and I think she got pretty comfortable quickly. Not long after we got there, the family from Golden stopped in, started dinner, and we all sat down at the conclusion of planting our flag temporarily in the Rocky Mountains.