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Out with a Bang?

Temperature on the Sun
Temperature on the Sun

Yesterday was supposed to be the end of the miserable heatwave we’ve been enduring here in Da Lou. It was “only” supposed to be 105°F, but officially it was above that. Unofficially… Well, you see the picture. That’s what the thermometer on the deck said. Yeah… 122°.

After big storms last night, the evening was comfy, but today — which was NOT supposed to be part of the heatwave — is hot again, with temps real, real close to 100°, and maybe above. If so, then today is the 11th day in a row of 100+. I can safely say that I’ve never experienced a heatwave like this, even when I lived in Omaha.

Again, it looks like storms are brewing to the south this afternoon, and the promise of relief is within reach. I hope so. My gentle body chemistry ain’t exactly built to these kinds of specs!