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Katy, But Westward This Time

I feel like the smartest guy on the planet.

We were supposed to by in the mid-to-upper 90s today, but I figured I would go ahead and ride from the Busch trailhead down to the Katy, and go west toward the Weldon Spring trailhead. But it wasn’t 95.

It was 83!

It was the coolest day we’ve had in weeks — 23 days of 90+ led up to today — and I took total advantage of it. I hadn’t ridden the Katy out toward Weldon in a long, long time, and I was pleased to see that it was pretty much what I remembered. A few rough spots from some old washouts, but aside from that, it was pretty smooth sailing.

I am so enjoying getting back in the saddle again!

Back to My Mistress Katy!

It’s been four years. Four years since I’ve put my backside on a bike. Four years since I’ve pedaled my way down the trail.

I’ve been enjoying my running, but the weather’s gotten blistering hot, and I just can’t run in that kind of heat. I can ride on the Katy Trail in that kind of heat, though.

I put in at the Busch Greenway Trail. When I was last on the Katy, this connector was just being built. I had no idea it would turn out so nice. Three-quarters of a mile of paved path down to the Katy, paralleling and crossing little flows of water… it really turned out nice.

I hit the trail, and headed north. And rode, and rode, and rode. It was wonderful! I finally got to the end of the shaded trail, and turned around. Before I knew it, an hour had passed, and I’d ridden almost ten miles. It was just like old times.

What surprised me more was the difference in calorie burn. For the speed I run — which is glacial… three-toed sloths have been known to pass me by — it’s almost a two-to-one difference as compared to running. Add to that the lessened impact on my knees and feet, and suddenly cycling looks like my vehicle for the summer.

Watch out Katy… poppa’s back.

Fresh Art: Katy’s Light

Katy's Light
Katy's Light

Over the last few years, I’ve begun taking to seasons of cycling on the Katy Trail here in east central Missouri. One particular morning on the trail, the sun filtered through the canopy of trees, and I found myself facing a brilliant light show upon the trail.

Katy’s Light is available through my online gallery, and is available in a variety of sizes.

DST + Warming = Katy!

I get the lion’s share of my riding on the Katy Trail done after work. I work about five miles from the trailhead, so it’s a no-brainer to drop down there after work and get some miles behind me. However, until the time changes, it’s tough to do — the sun just sets too early. With the Dubya-enacted changes to DST, that means I have the opportunity to get on the trail three weeks earlier, weather permitting, and today, for the first day of the season, weather is permitting.

It’s been interesting watching the hitch-mounted bike racks start to re-appear on vehicles at the office over the last week. You can tell that folks have been gearing up for the beginning of the cycling season. When I pulled in this morning, I noticed another bike on a hitch-mount, ready for some after-work action on the trail.

Man, I love this time of year!