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RMH II — Day Four : Aspens

Today’s trek was up to Steamboat Springs, with the intent to see aspens in full color. The drive did not disappoint!

All along the drive up US 40 were groves of aspens, adorned in their most brilliant yellow, catching the sun. Simply gorgeous! Many of the groves were far away, atop the many mountains that surrounded the road. Every now and then, we’d find ourselves near enough to a grove to capture the white bark of the trees as well. Words — and photographs, frankly — just don’t capture the beauty of these fall colors.

We’d headed to Steamboat to also visit the Rabbit Ears Motel. There’s a long story here, but the short version is that Becky once directed a work-related conference call to the wrong conference phone number… it happened to be the number for the Rabbit Ears Motel. After a call to the motel, everyone had a good chuckle. Beck kinda wanted to see the place she’d slammed with erroneous calls, so that’s why the Rabbit Ears Motel was on our list.

Unfortunately, Steamboat was totally tearing up the main road through town, making navigating the town nearly impossible. The road construction season is short in that part of the world, and the fine folks in Steamboat decided to redo the length of the main drag through town, which made it kinda tough to get around. We did get to F.M. Light & Sons, where I found a nice Stetson hat for running around in.

And then, there was the quest for boots.

While at Light’s, I decided to take a peek at some boots. Try as she might, the salesperson couldn’t find boots on their shelves that would fit my feet. Really? Really. In fact, she told me that my feet just may not have been made for boots. Really? Really. The reality is that they only carried certain widths of boots, so my feet weren’t made for the boots they carried. 🙂

Once we got back to Fraser, we decided to have a little dinner at the local pizzeria, DeAntonio’s Pizza & Pasta. This place served up some terrific New York style pizza, and the owners were a hoot. We talked with ’em the whole time while we were eating our pie and couldn’t have had a better time. It was a perfect end to a great day!


Ever since President Obama had pizzas from Pi Pizzeria delivered to DC, we’ve been wanting to try it out. It was a dreary day yesterday, and a trip indoors made sense, so off to the newly opened restaurant in Kirkwood we went.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of deep-dish pizza. There’s usually just way too much cheese for my tastes, and after a slice or so, I’m usually full, and a little too sloshy from all the dairy squeezings running around. With some trepidation, I ordered a deep dish with pepperoni, sausage, basil and minced garlic… and it’s dang near the best pizza I’ve ever had! These guys are using some kind of cornmeal crust for it, and it’s just crazy good. The sauce was chunky and sweet, and amazing. If I had three thumbs, they’d all be up.

Sio and I split a piece of apple pie afterwards. She had vanilla ice cream with hers, while I had caramel apple ice cream (made locally by Serendipity Homemade Ice Cream). That ice cream had to be the most unique ice cream I’ve ever tried. It had a crazy salty finish to it with every bite, so much so that you would swear there were tons of peanuts in it. This was quite a compliment to the apple pie, which was delicious, too.

This is definitely a place I’ll be coming back to!