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Cool Spring Morning

There are some mornings when things just click for me.

This morning, the air temperature was 49. The roof was down, and the doors were off the Jeep, leaving nothing but a windshield and seat belt between me and the glorious, slightly damp feel in the morning air. And as I plowed along beneath the slightly lightening sky, Sirius treated me to a great collection of music to fit my mood: Anticipation, If Not For You (Dylan, not John), Solisbury Hill…

Just a perfect, perfect start to the day. Now, if only my stop were the fields and meadows for some photography, or perhaps the hills for a little hiking. Maybe even the Trail for some cycling.

Yep, that’d just take the perfectomometer to eleven.

Sign of Spring

Though the photo doesn’t show it very well, the hardtop and doors are off the Jeep (The Big Green Box)… And Im loving it.

Yesterday, it was 40 degrees outside as I drove in, and about 60 going to and from tennis. This is the weather that was tailor-made for running around in the open air glory of my Jeep!