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Fire Training

I was invited by our facilities manager to photograph some fire rescue training taking place at our building. Our small, four story building is the tallest building in our servicing fire department’s area, so they decided to host a training session, with our help. My task? Photograph the outdoors side of the event.

We have two buildings on campus, and I was free to shoot from the top of both of ’em. The shots from across the parking lot were cool, but the it’s the shots from right above the fire trucks I liked best. The image you see here was shot by leaning slightly over the edge of our building to get the angle on the ladder. (Don’t tell my mother I leaned over the edge of a four-story building.)

It was really a lot of fun, and gave me a chance to shoot some PJ — which I don’t get to do very much — and a little artsy stuff as well. That’s a great combination, and from what I understand, our facilities manager really liked the images.

Maybe this’ll open the door for some additional opportunities to shoot from the rooftops!