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New Threads

Anyone who has been visiting Canapeel for a while (all five of ya!), have seen the old timey theme clunking along.  Well, I’ve discovered that there’s something in that theme that was creating duplicate Open Graph tags, which I believe is why posts here weren’t getting published to Facebook (at least; I know they’ve been shuttling to Twitter, and I don’t check Google+ enough to know if they’ve been appearing there or not).

So, enter a free theme from the WordPress folks — “2014” is the name of it.  Yearly, they seem to come up with something cool for a free theme, so this may just be transient, depending on just what “2015” looks like.  I like it though — slick black and white columnar layout, with loads of room for photos, and a nice, crisp bar on the left.

Nicely done Automatticians!


After over two years, it’s time to revamp the website — welcome to the new and improved site for Colin Wright Photography.

The biggest change is the move from RapidWeaver to WordPress.  Both platforms are impressive, and well-suited to doing almost anything someone might need, but my other sites are based on WordPress, and it just made sense to pull everything together in one platform.  While I’m working through the new formatting, the site may change appearance from time to time.  If you notice something that’s not working, just let me know.

Slight Upgrade

WordPress has been upgraded to v2.5 out in the wild as of about 10 hours ago. I’ve just upgraded, so if you see any rough patches, please let me know.

There’s blurbs about built-in galleries…. Maybe that’ll solve some of my family photo album issues.

Anyway, enjoy!