Labor Day

Today is day we observe Labor Day.

Yesterday, Darla and I went to the County Air Show and Fair. While it was a fun time, and we got to see some great flying and static displays, it was faaaar to hot for me, and I began to wilt like a thirsty flower. So…. we came home!

However, we decided to make a “date night” of it, and watched Pearl Harbor. What an amazing film! While the love story piece of it seemed to be there to glue things together, the attack sequences were breathtaking. Seeing aircraft flying up and down the streets of Pearl Harbor was incredible. I can’t imagine what the residents and military personnel went through during that attack, but to my untrained eye, this film really captures a sense of how it must have been. Obviously, there’s no way to capture the horror of the sounds and smells and feeling of that terrible day, but I’m glad someone tried.

As I just learned from the news, today is the anniversary of V-J day (1945). How appropriate that we watched Pearl Harbor last night.

Of course, dad loved watching WWII programming on The History Channel, and had more books and knowledge of that era than anyone I know. For someone that was only born in 1940, he sure seemed to have a huge interest in the events around his birth.

Two weeks, and I still miss him terribly. Last night was a tough night, and I’m sure it was quite a freak-show for Darla. Somehow, though, I just don’t want to let go, and I don’t want to forget the hurt — I guess I’m afraid if I forget the hurt, I’ll start forgetting other things, and I don’t want to forget a thing.