New Digs

It seems like every six months or so, I re-work this site, and put it on a new server. This point in time is no different! 🙂

First off, is a real domain, and is hosted on real servers, and anything in the blogspace that you create a shortcut or bookmark for really exists.

The photos are still offline — they’ll probably be back later in the week — and they will still be living here, so their bookmarks will be a little tenuous, just as they were.

So, who was brave enough to deal with me and let me have some space? Webdiggity. Matt was great, and got me set up in no time. I loaded MovableType up on his servers today, and 30 minutes later, phydeaux-deauxmayne was back.

Tonight, I added in all the old entries. This week will also see me restoring the formatting, links, photos in the entries, etc. A lot of work, but fun stuff. Sick, ain’t I?