“Sokath, his eyes uncovered…”

Man, have I been web-spinning tonight. Unfortuntely, I’ve been getting the keyboard wet with drool from looking at some of the designs out there for folks’ websites.

I’m absolutely getting awed with CSS, and some of the things that can be done with it. I’m also starting to understand how limited IE can be. I’m also finding HTML tags I didn’t even know existed.

All in all, a very liberating, shocking, mind-expanding, mind-blowing experience.

Here’s the goal for Phydeaux’ Deaumayne — CSS, no tables, and a very, very cool layout. I’ve been convinced of the need to follow standards, rather than just hack stuff together, and I need to redesign to fit that.

I also need to load a couple of other browsers on here to do a little side-by-side comparison of the site in different environments — mozilla, opera and netscape come to mind, but there are probably others.

I still remain committed, however, to not using FrontPage, and to hand-editing my code. I just don’t like how much extra junk FP puts in the code. It may be that it makes the code more standards-based, but it simply looks like it is adding too much extraneous stuff.

So, redesign soon, very soon…. Bear with the wet web paint over the next few months — it’ll dry soon enough!

(BTW, the title reference is from ST:TNGgoogle it.)