Tonight, we and Wendy did our final walkthrough of the new house. It was really cool to walk through this beast of house, knowing that in short order, it would be ours.

It stills seems like a dream, and seems like waaaaaay more house than I will ever fill. Beck still believes that it will fill up faster than I think, and she’s probably right, but, boy-o-boy will it fun to do!

We only had one slight concern, and that was some of the work that was needed on the firebox. It looks like it might not have been done, although it was hard to tell. Our inspector found some slight cracks in the firebox that concerned him, and we just want to make sure that it gets done. Everything else we asked for has been done. That’s surprising, as I expected we would need to fight for some of it, or do it ourselves, funded from escrow.

The clock is ticking!