Today, I watched a fair bit of the Democratic Presidential debate from Iowa. I am struck by a few thoughts.

I think Howard Dean is not the most honest person in the race. He just seems to be getting caught up in defending his own words, and pandering to whatever audience he is speaking to. I would respect him more if he were just himself at all times, and let us figure out if we want to elect him.

The most entertaining candidate is Dennis Kucinich. He was quick of wit, and funny to boot. However, I don’t think funny and big ears is enough basis for a presidency.

I still like most of what I hear come out of John Edwards’ camp. Maybe, being a Southerner, I just identify with his Southern delivery. I know what I’ve heard him say makes sense to me. I just don’t think he can pull off a successful candidacy, and probably won’t even make the ballot when it comes time for Missouri to vote.

I still think there’s way too much in-fighting, and far too many candidates for anyone to mount a successful charge at President Bush, and that’s disappointing. Four more years at war (or in a warlike posture) is not a pretty picture to me.

So, here’s my plug: