I’ve Got Mail!


I finally got the mail server working! Quite a feat, and the first time I’ve set one up. Right now, it only serves one of the domains, but I’m sure getting the other two online won’t be too much work.

In fact, I’ve been getting all the old stuff I’ve been (virtually) lugging around for years on the server, and finally doing some of the cleanup that’s been needed for so long. k4sso.org is finally fully-functional, and appears to be doing what it’s supposed to. It’s badly in need of a rewrite, but I’ll take that as a project for another weekend.

colin-wright.com is still suffering from a lack of time and attention, which is a crying shame. That’s the site I want badly to start selling my photoart through, but that’s taken such a back seat to life right now. No problems with that, as life is good, but I have quite a backlog of things I want to do to the new house, the new sites, and tons of other nooks and crannies needing attention.