Time Machine


Jan and Malissa were over last night. Beck’s known them since they were are teeny-boppers, and it’s fun to watch them key off each other, just as though they were still in school together.

We had dinner, looked at Jan’s wedding photos, and sat around and talked all night. I didn’t have much to add — not enough context — but sure enjoyed listening to them.

The four of us also killed close to six bottles of wine. I hadn’t drunk that much in quite a while. They all stayed up until about 2am, but I was done by 12:30, feeling wobblier than I have in a long, long time. I don’t even remember Beck coming to bed!

Today, we spent time at the St. Louis Pet Fair out at Queenie Park. Nice deal, but way, way too many people and pets there. It was like swimming upstream through a sea of dogs. Molly and Emma both did well, and we got to meet a couple of local Berners and owners that we hadn’t met before.