Field of Dreams


The 15th anniversary edition of Field of Dreams was released this week on DVD, and naturally, I picked it up. I still believe this to be the best baseball films out there, although The Natural is an awfully close second.

I still can’t believe how much this film can inspire me, even after all these years. We should each be so lucky to find something to passionately believe in and strive for, as Kevin Costner’s character does in the film. I continue to listen to…. whatever…. and hope to find some kind of passionate calling out there. Some folks have told me that they believe I’ve already found it, but haven’t really acted on it. They may be right.

I hadn’t thought about it until now, but it’s rather appropriate that we finished this up in the wee hours of Father’s Day. Ulitimately, this film is about fathers and sons. Ray sacrifices everything, without question, unknowing that his actions would bring his father back, for one brief instant in time.

Like Costner’s character, I’d give it all up for one more afternoon in the shop with Dad. One more afternoon, not to ask what Heaven is like, or details of his life, but just one more afternoon of doing projects around the house, and being his helper one more time.