The LAMP is Lit!

While in San Francisco for eWorld, I bumped into an acronym I’d not heard before — LAMP. Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Of course, I’d known conceptually of that combination, but I’d never actually seen it “bundled” like that. In fact, there were even books touting the advantages of that combination. I’ve known this for a while, but haven’t had the time I thought necessary to pull off a complete migration over to a LAMP environment.

I had the Linux piece nailed, having run SuSE for a couple of years. Apache was old hat, using it at home at work for years. No database, however, aside from that which MovableType was employing, was harmed during the creation and support of my site. And perl. Yes, there was perl, and a bunch of it, even outside of MT’s use.

Today, though, I was able to change the “P” in my LAMP from perl to PHP, and insert an “M” with MySQL. It’s a cool combination, and once I took the time to RTFM, it was fairly straightforward to set up. Tomorrow, I’ll post the details of my journey.

The challenge ahead is to convert so much perl code to PHP. I’ve never coded anything in PHP, so I’m sure that will be an adventure!

Stay tuned, and avoid the dust.