Cards on Fire

Sio and I scored some tickets to the Cards-Cubs game for today. Kelly got some from a client of her’s, and was unable to go — our gain! This was the third time I’d seen the Cards-Cubs play at Busch this season, and tickets for all those games were free to me. I must be living right!

We trudged down there, and realized that it was as hot as the sun inside that stadium. We sat in the front row of the upper deck, and felt some nice updrafts from the luxury booths beneath us, but that wasn’t enough to cool us off. Four innings of 95+ degrees, upper deck, no shade, no breeze, and blazing sun just flat took it out of us, and we were ready to fall into heat-induced comas. 🙂 We headed home and watched the finale on tv after we got home, and as it ends up, the Cards didn’t need us, and beat the Cubbies 5-2. That’s eight in a row, and puts us eight up over the second place… Cubbies. We play ’em again tomorrow, and have a good shot to be nine up before the All Star break.

I’m still impressed that MLB has continued with the tradition of singing God Bless America before each game. I think that is such a fitting tribute to our country, and is such a rallying cry for all of us. Somehow, it just feels as though we are one people, striving to make this the shining city on the hill.