Civic Duty

This morning, I have exercised my freedom, and voted my choice and conscience.

I’d never seen voting lines like I encountered this morning. I got to the polling station a couple of minutes after they opened, and there must’ve been a hundred or more folks waiting in the rain to vote. An hour later, I had voted, and was on my way.

As I stood in line, I listened to a reservist talk about his recently completed active duty time in the service, and spotaneously, a woman ahead of him thanked him for his service to our country. What a wonderful thing to observe. I’m reminded of a show in Branson I attended years ago, in which all vets were asked to stand up and be recognized. That was a humbling and honor-filled moment for me. I’m sure this Army reservist felt the same.

Of course, big public gatherings attract folks from all walks of life, so there was also someone there in a Moonbase Alpha jacket and pseudo-uniform (from the 70’s TV show, Space: 1999). It does take all kinds! 🙂

It’s just amazing to me that as many as 130 million people will have their say today, and in not even 24 hours, that voice is heard, counted, and reported. That the process works as well as it does is truly a testament to those who plan and run the elections in this country.

Terrorists put patriotism back in the American vocabulary, and as someone on the news said last night, Bush and Kerry have returned citizenship to our vocabulary. It’s nice to dust off a couple of the classics!