First Step


I’m as giddy as a kid at Christmas. I’ve signed up for my first real camera workshop, and it’s with one of the best nature photographers around.

Come November, I will be heading to Yosemite National Park to spend four days studying with Moose Peterson at one of his Digital Landscape Workshop Series (DLWS) sessions. I absolutely cannot believe that I am actually going to go! For two years, I’ve been looking at Moose’s work, reading about the DLWS, and pining to go, and now it’s gonna happen.

I’m already starting to plan a cross-country drive — Yosemite is about 1950 miles from here. This trip will rival the big desert trip of last April (about 4300 miles roundtrip). Something about being on the road for a couple of weeks is so appealing to me. No schedules or hard plans, coupled with the desolation of the West, the openness of the road, and the sense that it’s still untamed all beckon to me, and this trip will certainly feed that part of me.

Last night, when I talked to Darla about this course, I told her this is akin to being a pickup softball player, and having Mark McGwire teach you how to hit the ball. This event is that big to me, and as I type the words, I’m still overwhelmed at the opportunity, and the kindness of Darla to let me chase a dream like this. There just aren’t words to describe the exhilaration I’m feeling at the very thought of going to the DLWS!

I’m sure the next nine months will be some of the longest I’ve lived through in quite a while! 🙂