Mind the Dust


Pardon the dust around here — some new looks to the site, and a few new features I’m trying to add. Whilst doing this, some things won’t work like they used to, and some things probably won’t get fixed until after vacation. Oh well!

I got most of the new formatting completed this weekend, although there’s still some sprucing up that’s needed — nip and tuck a pixel here and there. Also, for some reason, an insane level of comment moderation was on, so I backed that down a little, and turned on e-mails when that happens so I can catch them quicker.

I hope to get the new photos up tonight — I’m only about 3 weeks behind on them, but have them ready to process. The biggest problem I’ve had is that I can’t get the new server to run JAlbum correctly. It seems like it blows up the video driver. I’ve tried loading a new one, but that process doesn’t work right either. Dunno if I’m missing something, or if I have a fundamental problem. In either case, I’ll try to get the new photos build on the workstation tonight, and shipped to server.

Thanks for bearing with the construction!