To Monticello and Back (1176 miles so far)

We got up this morning, planning to visit Jefferson’s home, and to see what else was up near Charlottesville. We hit the road, eager, and drove the two hours to see Monticello.

We got to the visitors center just before lunch, and started getting our bearings about what there was to see. The civil servant behind the desk was very helpful, and told us that a couple of schoolgroups had just hit Monticello, and that the wait times were horrendous — over two hours for the tour. She suggested we get some lunch, and then try again in the afternoon. Seemed like good advice.

We got a bite to eat, visited Michie Tavern to shop, and then headed back up to Monticello about 3pm. The folks at that desk informed us that the the last tours were at 3.30 and 4pm, and that there was a two-hour wait. In other words, you could buy a ticket, but you might be there a long, long time waiting your turn to look around.

We opted to not wait that long and head back to Morgan’s. And that’s when the schoolkids descended. Like locusts. No kidding.

I was in line behind a couple of them to get a Coke from the machine, and suddenly dozens of them inserted themselves ahead of me. Not in anything as orderly as a line, but in this great massive blob, oozing and undulating as they flitted from one machine to the next, from one acquaintance or friend to the next. It was chaotic, at best. Needless to say, I didn’t get my Coke. 🙂

So, Beck and I turned the family truckster back toward Richmond, a little wiser, a little less educated about our third president, and yet still as satisfied about the day as we could be.

We ended up having a big dinner with Morgan’s family, and that was a wonderful way to spend the day.