Felonious Patio Furniture

Today, Beck and I spent a good part of the day looking at patio furniture. Our old set is a bit…. old, and needed replacing. So, off to lots of places in WestCo, all on sale, and all trying their hardest to win our dollars. We looked hard at Sears, and almost walked out with something there, but ended up at K-Mart, planting our backsides in the seats of a…. gasp…. Martha Stewart Living Chesapeake patio set.

Criminal record or not, that woman can flat get patio furniture out of China. This stuff is great — comfy wide seats, a glass top table that is etched so I don’t have to watch the fat go to my thighs while I eat, and a piece of cake to assemble. We couldn’t get out of K-Mart fast enough with the cartons.

So now the old set has been relegated to the downstairs patio, and now gives us three distinct seating areas in the back of the house. There’s just two of us in the house, and we can now seat ten people for dining in the backyard. We could put a small bistro or two out of business with all this seating! 😉

Martha, I may have misjudged you — this stuff rocks!