Geek Lust

Ever see that VW commercial with the two kids dancing with the music far too loud? (And no, I never did that as a twentysomething. Just ask my deaf neighbors. Mind the lip-reading.) VW has unknowingly captured geek lust with this commerical.

What’s geek lust? Well, it’s that overwhelming, consuming desire for that new piece of technology. It doesn’t have to be computer fare — audio, video, photography, nuclear fission…. they all fit the bill. And you’ve seen the result. An almost obsessive stream of conciousness with barely a breath of air in between substantial paragraph elements in describing and justifying the Next Big Thing. Even if it’s only been a week since the last Next Big Thing.

So, at what point did VW capture geek lust? Just watch the girl in the VW as they drive away from the megamart with the kilowatt subwoofer. She’s grinning devilishly, rubbing her hands together as only a mad scientist could. She can’t wait to get home, flex her newly purchased geek muscles, and feed her addiction to technology.

That is geek lust. And I’m a victim. There’s no twelve-step program, no bumper stickers, and no infomercials. Either you’re a direct victim like me, or you’re a collateral victim, like my poor, poor wife. 🙂

So, didn’t you want to hear about my desire for a PowerMac?