Sky High


I’m working late again tonight, supporting some big changes in production, and as I drove in, it was almost necessary to revive me — gas jumped again (as you can see). I don’t know what happened today that drove prices up yet again, and I’m probably deluding myself that there’s a connection to some world event, but I’m just that naive! 🙂

I’m not quite to a $50 fill-up in the truck, but I’m real, real close — $2.439 is the magic number for that fillup. It’s painful, but I refuse to give up my freedom that the truck gives me. At some point, it almost becomes as economical to keep the truck, and have a econocar to go back and forth to work, rather than pay the big gas prices for every single trip.

When Beck I were married six-and-a-half years ago, gas was 79 cents a gallon!