Empty Nest

And with the roar of engines, and a van headed west and a rental car headed toward the airport, the house is back to its normal occupancy. This was a wonderful weekend, full of family, fun and a cacophony I’ve never had in any house I’ve lived in.

Today, we started out with cereal and leftover apple fritters from the Donut Palace for breakfast. Darla always has the kids make concrete handprints for the garden, and after breakfast this morning, she set to doing that again, along with help from Katie and surprise visitor Kevin. Once the kids finished with that, it was time for the families to pack up and load up for their trips.

Morgan and crew left first, headed for Sedalia, after hugs and kisses all around. Shortly after, the rest of us piled up in our cars and headed to lunch at Miss Sherrie’s Cafeteria with Beck’s dad. As always, Miss Sherrie’s did us well, and from there, the rest of us split up, with the Colorado Days headed toward the airport, Beck ferrying her father home, and me taking Sio home.

I returned to sweet, sweet silence in the house. 🙂

Even with all these folks in the house, I still had no sense of being crowded or sardined in the house. Nonetheless, I can still feel the difference with the house just down to me and Darla again. I wouldn’t have traded this visit for anything though — it was fun!

Time now for a nap though…..