Tonight’s the Night


Tonight, Busch Stadium will host a baseball game upon its hallowed grounds. If the Cards win, then we play again tomorrow, assuming the rains hold off.

Yesterday, the city was abuzz with all manner of conversation about what has begun to be called “The Miracle at Minute Maid”. Seems like that’s all anyone wanted to talk about. One of the best written pieces I saw about Monday’s game was from Tim McKernan, a local talk radio guy. It really takes Minute Maid Park to task for even hosting baseball, and some thoughts about how games three and four might’ve been different if they were played in a real ball park. You can read his article here.

One of the crew at even created the nice MasterCard-esque description of Monday’s fun that I’ve linked here. Really sums it up, I think. This one is making the rounds all over Cardinal Nation.

The news last night even played the radio broadcast play-by-play of Pujols’ home run from the a Houston radio station. You could really hear the depression in that sportscaster’s voice. For contrast, they also played a spanish-language radio play-by-play from somewhere, and you would’ve thought Pujols had just kicked the winning goal in overtime during a World Cup soccer match. I haven’t heard anyone scream like that in a long, long time! 🙂

We were also treated to a comparison of the front page of the St. Louis and Houston newspapers. Needless to say, ours was a little less gloomy.

And, at the request of the Fox affiliate here, MLB allowed them to rebroadcast the entire 9th inning, commercial free, and including the announcement of Berkman as the Chevy Player of the Game. I really think an awful lot of people saw the first two strikeouts in the 9th, and gave up. This gave folks a chance to either see it for the first time, or relive The Miracle at Minute Maid. Very cool.

So tonight, it continues. Will we be victorious? Dunno, but I like our chances!