Seven Days

I’ve now had the new PowerMac Quad for seven days — one full week of enjoyment and amazement. Quite frankly, I’ve not had as much time to do some of the cool things I’d like, but that’s ok.

However, as I’ve been playing tonight, I started to notice the fan noise…. just a bit. So, I started poking around on Google to see if this was common, or just me. As it ends up, there’s a lot of folks yapping about the fans in the big box. Well, they’re a little noisy, but not horribly so, and way less than the noise from some of the old Intel rigs I’ve owned over the years.

Would I prefer it were quieter? Well sure. I also want a machine that will work via telepathic commands too, but…. 🙂

During my searches, I found some blogs detailing the experiences from other early adopters of this cool technological beastie:

  • Jim Frost has his Quad, and his experiences sound like mine, and it certainly sounds like what he’s using it for aligns well with where I’m headed. Great benchmarking of real world photo application functions, too!
  • Alex King ordered early, had big ol’ delays, and finally got his. Poke around a bit to see his out-of-the-box experience. It’s worth reading, especially his software list. He elected to do RAID 0 inside the box, something I’ve thought about, but haven’t pulled the trigger on.
  • Adam Tow had all kinds of problems getting his Quad to come up correctly. Looks like the biggest part of his challenge was 3rd party memory that didn’t play well in the box. I’ve got some third party Centon memory in mine, and it seems to like it well enough.

And now, with Kung Tunes functional again, you can all read what I’m listening to…. enjoy the trip.