What Five Would You Pick?

This week of lighter work has folks’ brains burning their extra cycles on some odd questions. Some are frivilous, like whether Steve Austin had one or two bionic legs. Today’s lunch though follwed a deeper, more philosophical path.

Gene asked us to consider a scenario where, after stepping into the Great Beyond, you were given the opportunity to witness five events from anytime or anyplace. You would not be a participant, but you would be in the midst of the event, with all your senses at your disposal.

Beck and I came up with a couple of events in common: the birth of Christ, and His death and resurrection. Someone else added the Second Coming. Once you get past those huge events, where to go from there?

Do you visit the grassy knoll to see if there was a second shooter? Are you at Tranquility Base on July 20, 1969? Do you enjoy the life of Michaelanglo, or Mozart, or Galileo? Do you visit the New Mexican desert in 1947? Maybe you’d elect to witness your own birth.

So what are my five events? I really haven’t decided on all five yet. It’s certainly something to ponder…