King Kong

Sio and Beck kidnapped me today, and took me out for a couple of birthday activities.

Our first stop was the roller skating rink. Once again, I was amazed at just how much the “skating sense” that came back to me. It wasn’t quite like I’d never left the skates behind twenty years ago, but it was truly easier than I would’ve imagined.

The second part of my day was spent at the theater, watching the new King Kong film. That is quite a film! Better than any previous effort, Peter jackson really captured the essence of the story, that of an odd love between Ann and Kong. This one really captured that well, and of course assaulted the senses with dazzling special effects. And of course, I couldn’t take my eyes off Ann’s eyes — I don’t think I’ve seen anyone with bigger, bluer eyes on the screen.

Home, and a viewing of Bicentennial Man, and we were done for the evening. Sio and Beck really know how to take care of a guy! 🙂