And So It Goes

Last night, Beck and I went to Laura’s wake.

This was such a familiar scene to me — it was so very reminiscent of Dad’s wake three-and-a-half years ago.  There were bunches of folks from the office — including a fair number of people that no longer work with us — there to support Suli, along with family and Laura’s friends.  It was hard to see the obvious pain on Suli’s face, but every once in a while, that broad smile of his would shine through.

There were little pockets of folks here and there, talking about Laura and Suli, remembering them happy, and her well.  We sat around with a big group and just shared good memories of the both of them, trying not to let the hurt show through too much.

This was hard for me to go do… so many things about Dad’s wake and funeral sprang back to the forefront.  But Suli was there for us during the joyous time of our wedding though, so the very least we could do is support him during this tough time.  And that’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it?  Being there for friends.  In the end, being surrounded by our friends and family is what keeps us sane.  With that in mind, Suli must surely be the sanest person in the world at this time.