It’s a Little Too Quiet Out There

And it is….

Of course, when it’s quiet in the Deuaxmayne, that usually means I’m up to something.  This week’s exercise has been to integrate Photoshop actions, Photoshop commands and Applescript.

Since I can’t yet get RAW images working through JAlbum, I’ve been pondering genning up my own code to do similar page-building, all through the graces of Photoshop and Applescript.  So far, the results have been promising.  Last night, I built a script to take an image and make the web-ready size and the thumbnail-sized images.  Next is to apply filters, apply a graphical watermark — that will be the tough part — and then build HTML around the images.  I’ve probably got another week’s work on the code, and then the photo albums should begin to look better, and be updated more frequently.

Stay tuned!