Let It Snow!

Finally, the snow I’ve been waiting for all winter has arrived…. and I’m stuck in a cubicle in a building with widely-spaced 6″ cubes of glass for windows.  Doesn’t it just figure!

The drive this morning was gorgeous, and I so wished I could just stop the world and my morning, and pause to listen and photograph the wonderous white landscape before me.  Last night, when the ice and sleet came down as a precursor to the overnight snowfall, I opened the back door, and just listened to the sound of the fall of winter from above.  There’s no sound better than that, except perhaps the sound of big snowflakes falling on a cold winter’s day.

I expect by this afternoon most of the fun stuff will be gone.  We only had about 2″ at home, with places 50-75 miles north of us having 6″+ of snow overnight.  However, just having the beauty of winter clinging tightly for the first day of Spring certainly has energized my imagination.