Today is Easter Sunday — the day celebrated as recognition of Jesus’ resurrection.

This morning, Sio, Beck and I went to church.  First Baptist of Ellisville is really a nice church, and I love the contemporary service.  It reminds me so much of the old days, when I would visit the little church on Brainerd Road, and listen to Azariah perform on Friday nights.  These were great times, and this church’s comtemporary service really brings that back to me.  Sio says that it’s “cool”.

After taking Sio home, Beck and I did a little yard work, and started preparing for a family event at Cousin Mark’s.  I love going to these things.  When I married Beck, it’s like I suddenly gained dozens and dozens of family members, and they’ve all always made me feel like I’ve been in the family forever.

After a big dinner, and lots of fellowship with the gang, I came home, and started kicking back, reflecting on the day.  This has been a good Easter Sunday, full of worship and family.

There’s nothing better than that!