Berner Walk

Harriet set up a walk for St. Louis Berner folk today — what a glorious day for it!  The weather was superb, with a cloud-covered sky, and temperatures in the 60s.  The pups loved it!

I love getting around a bunch of these gentle giants.  I think I was set for life when we took Molly to the speciality in West Virginia back in ’02.  That probably ruined me for other breeds, although I still have a high appreciation for the big hairy dogs:  Newfoundlands, Great Pyrenees and Leonbergers.  Guess I like dogspit and dogfur, eh?

Anyway, the walk today was great, with more than a dozen of the big ol’ dogs showing up for a couple of hours of walking and fellowship in the park.  This is the first time we’ve had one of these events in about three years, and it was great to see Berners we hadn’t seen since then.  Folks even remembered Molly — she was laid up from her TPO surgeries the last time most of these folks had seen her — and asked after her health.

As all good things do, this event had to wrap up.  No fights, only a couple of grumbles from dogs getting a little too close for comfort with others — that’s a cool thing.

So Harriet, when’s the next get-together?  🙂