Apples Aweigh!

Yesterday brought the long-awaited announcement of the new Apple MacBook Pro laptop — the 17″ version.  However, there was no mention of the long rumored iBook replacement.

This new MacBook Pro is a beast, and really seems like a great box for doing photoediting.  The screen resolution is the same as my 20″ monitor on the Quad.  Verra nice!  Add to that an Intel DuoCore, 1Gb of RAM and 120Gb HDD, and you’re talking a spiffy piece of hardware.  One inch thick and weighing about 6.8 pounds, the beast is expensive (retail is $2799), but it is oh-so-capable!

Still, I’ll wait for the iBook replacement.  I think the 13.3″ screen (rumored size) will suit me better, and would be better for lugging around.  Maybe soon……