I thought I would cross 300 miles tomorrow, but I decided to take a ride today. Monday is usually one of my longer ride-days, and with the weather interruption yesterday, I ended up just a bit shy of 300 miles, and with too short a ride for my tastes.

So today, I decided to do the Weldon to Augusta route. This would be the first time I’d taken the new bike down there, and usually that’s a quiet ride without too many human obstacles along the way. And, it’s a little more than 20 miles, so that’s a good thing too.

I took off, riding casually, listening to my tunes, and made Defiance and Matson in pretty typical time. I stopped for a few minutes at Matson, looked at the sky that was getting big white clouds in it, and decided to plow on toward Augusta. Little did I know that the big white clouds were fortelling bad weather. About a mile shy of the Augusta trailhead, I hit a clearing and saw the ginormous black clouds that were building quickly to the west. They were mean looking, so I high-tailed it back toward Weldon.

The clouds overtook me, but there was no rain or wind in them. They did block out the sun, which made for a cooler ride coming back. However, with me trying to race the wind, I really exhausted myself. Badly. I got home and was just flat dead. We’ll see if I recover enough to ride tomorrow.

Next time, I’ll just ride at my normal pace (12-15mph), and let the terrain dictate my pace, rather than trying to race home as though my life depended on it. After all, I won’t melt in the rain! 🙂