Not Such a Good Ride


I figured I’d get a ride in this morning before Morgan and crew arrived. That’d put me on the right schedule for the week, and maybe I could even stretch the ride a bit. Well, that didn’t happen! 🙂

I got out on the trail early, way before the heat of the day, and no matter how hard I pedalled, I just couldn’t will myself to get into the ride. It was weird, and the first misfire I’ve had since I started cycling in May. I struggled to Defiance — just three miles down the trail — and limped back to Weldon.

I hope I never see that kind of ride again! I’m not disturbed by it though. I know every day can’t be a 20+mi day for me, and I am bound to have great days and not so good ones. That’s just human nature.

But watch out Katy Trail — I’ll be back! 😉