Back to the Trail


Finally today, I was able to return to the trail, tackling a more normal ride. Between my little fainting episode last Saturday night and the blown tire from Wednesday night, it’d been eight days since I’d had a good, long ride.

And, boy did I feel it! It was a hard slug through the first half of the ride — usually it’s just the first few miles that I have troubles with. My legs complained and complained. And surprisingly, there was no one on the trail on the way to Augusta from Weldon. It was 60 degrees, a little bit of fog, making for a crisp morning. After the horrible heat from last week, I figured the trail would be packed. Nope. Even on the way back, there were very few folks.

The trail was a mess too. There was tree shrapnel all over the trail, fallout from the big storms Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Big tree limbs draped low over the trail, and in places blocked it. Yes, the Katy was hit pretty hard from all the ruckus late in the week.

However, I made, after forcing myself to stick to my guns and get my usual ride in. I think I’ll probably get another ride in tomorrow morning. Morgan and crew are coming to town tomorrow night, and I doubt I’ll be able to get my Wednesday night ride in — although I may be able to get one in Wednesday morning, or Thursday afternoon.

I guess the good news is that I’m back on the trail, and burning up the miles. Today was another milestone — I crossed 500mi of riding since I started this crazy excursion in early May. I’m still eyeing 1000 miles as my target for the year. If the weather’s good, I think I have a good shot at it!