Busy Bee

Too quiet for me this week! I’ve spent most of the week working on finishing three new pieces that I’m entering into a photo contest this weekend. Grand prize is a month-long exhibit at a local gallery, so I’m trying to burn as much time as I can on these images to get them shaped up for not only this opportunity, but for future sales. I’ll post ’em later tonight or tomorrow, and let my faithful audience weigh in on what I’ve done.

Aside from that, the week has passed slowly, despite being a four-day work-week. I’ve been swamped at work, and that has really impacted my being able to focus on the new images, but I have been able to snatch some time to read a new (to me) Photoshop book, Photoshop LAB Color by Dan Margulis. This is rumored to be one of the best books on color out there, and I can see why. With only one good chapter under my belt, I’m already finding cool new techniques to use on my images. Verra cool!