Flipbook Portfolio

Over at The Strobist, David points us to a flipbook portfolio by George Lange. The presentation is cool, but… (drumroll… it’s time for hard, self-analysis, and a little mantra chanting…)

It’s photography like this that absolutely makes me know this is my first, best destiny.

I cannot believe the incredible use of light and creation of moods of which this photographer has command. It is truly amazing. And it’s not that there are famous folks along the way — I mean, that’s cool — but it’s the evoking of emotion that stuns me. Admittedly, the flipbook presentation is cool, along with the music, but I still come back to the photography. Stunning just doesn’t give it enough credit, but I don’t think I know the adjectives to describe it.

Go, take a look, and see what you think. For me, this is one doozy of a portfolio and presentation, but the wallop really comes from the images themselves and what they made me feel.

And after all, isn’t that what photographers are supposed to do?